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Creating Custom Tile Art - a peek into process

I have been creating custom work for more than 15 years.  This blog takes you inside that process.

How does custom work begin, and what is the creative process between artist & client.

BATHROOM TILES: Bamboo Beginnings

Sat, May 31st, 2014 Bill & Linda met me at the Winter Park Art Festival and now I'm creating a bamboo wall art piecel for their newly renovated master bathroom. This location is perfect for a piece of undulating wall art.

Two murals are made. Each has different lines - but the real difference will come in color. I'll glaze both with ...   read full article →


Sun, Mar 16th, 2014 My Sarasota client is renovating his kitchen and has hired me to create a custom kitchen backsplash behind his 6-burner viking stove.

Below are some shots of the custom kitchen backsplash in process. The total backsplash size is 18"h x 36"w. I designed & created 3 renditions of the tile art kitchen backsplash and let them dry on my ...   read full article →

Private Showings

Thu, Jan 30th, 2014 It comes up often as I travel across the country. I meet people who love my wall murals... but they're just not sure. That makes sense to me. It's one thing to see these sculptural murals on a wall at an outdoor art show, but quite another to visualize it on your wall.

That's where my ...   read full article →

Prayer Wheel

Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014 I have been a yogi for over 12 years, and though I am familiar with the Om, I never knew about the Tibetan Prayer Wheel.

It is carved with the Tibetan symbolism of Om Mane Padme Hum. The wheel is balanced on a fulcrum with a bearing so it spins. Each time the wheel is spun, the ...   read full article →

Jim & Sheryll

Wed, May 29th, 2013 Jim & Sheryll just built a beautiful home in rural Ohio. This dream house is set back in the woods, overlooking a grove of trees, beyond which is a river.

The ceramic tile art is going on the living room wall, which is lit up by a host of large windows looking onto a beautiful view of trees and a ...   read full article →

Throwing & Carving

Tue, May 21st, 2013 I'm gearing up for a long trip out west - from Iowa to Denver to Park City Utah! So I've been in a throwing frenzy.

Here are some pics of newly carved vases....

This week I begin my saggar firing. The carved pots will get black and white surfaces... at least to start. ...   read full article →

Marilyn & Mike

Tue, May 7th, 2013 I met Mike and Marilyn in Melbourne Florida at the Melbourne Art show. They loved my sculptural wall murals, but didn't see a piece that would work for them. We had a short conversation about a potential commission and later that day they invited me over to their home to see what they were thinking.

Marilyn and Mike have ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: Kitchen Backsplash

Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 Discussions with Mr. H began about 3 years ago; drawings and a commitment were set up in the spring of 2012 and now, after a few delays on both my side & my client's side, the mural is underway.

Mr. H's handmade kitchen backsplash mural will go below a strong copper hood, just above a professional cooking ...   read full article →

Red Accents

Sat, Feb 16th, 2013 Many clients come into my gallery and love what they see, but have never considered a sculptural wall mural before. They may also see a smaller piece, but need a bigger size. This is what happened with Dick & Betsy. They are not sure about the work yet...but if they did want one, it would ...   read full article →

Saggar Wall Mural

Sun, Sep 23rd, 2012 I'm excited about this next commission. Judy & Jim, in Houston, TX asked me to make a wall mural for their bedroom in my traditional Saggar Firing technique.

I haven't done one of these in a while, so it's been really exciting to do it. All I needed was a request!

So I made 2 murals, bisque fired the tiles ...   read full article →

TX: Decision Made

Sat, Sep 22nd, 2012 The final decision was made for the wall mural to go above the vanity in this Texas bathroom.

I made 2 murals, both in the color tones the clients wanted. One mural was on the lighter, softer side, while the other one I went into deeper tones of the same colors. This mural was designed to compliment this newly ...   read full article →

Busy Summer!

Fri, Sep 14th, 2012 It's been a busy summer between commissions, art fairs and private home showings. But I'm back in the studio finishing up 2 commissions for my Texas Private Home Showing this October.

Russell & Christine got a peek at their first commission firing last month. Today I fired the second one and have the results.

First, here are the shots of ...   read full article →

A Perfect Decision

Sat, Aug 18th, 2012 Just Beautiful!

I arrived at Cathy & Keith's home early this morning... the sunlight was cascading in through their huge glass windows and I began installing their new artwork. They saw both pieces on the wall.... and selected this one.

I'm attaching the Nature-Scape they did not select below as well.

Thank you Cathy & Keith!
You were a joy to work with...and ...   read full article →

TX: Design #2 Begins

Thu, Aug 2nd, 2012 Russell & Christine ordered a simple wall mural from me for their bathroom, above the vanity. The first one I kept true to our conversations.

Today I created a second mural, but this time I changed a few things, still staying true to the spirit of the idea. First, I put the focal point of the mural slightly off ...   read full article →

PA: Glazed & Fired #2

Wed, Aug 1st, 2012 Cathy & Keith's second mural is out of the kiln and framed. I hung it on the side of the barn today to see how it looks in the late afternoon light. Here are a few viewpoints.

Cathy & Keith liked a lot of the characteristics of the first mural so when I asked for feedback with the second, ...   read full article →

TX: Over the Vanity

Sun, Jul 29th, 2012 This Texas Commission will be 30" x 80" to be displayed above the vanity next to a beautiful stained glass window and some other elegant features.

Russell & Christine want a simple mural to balance out the details for their bathroom. I began with a basic layout and then began layering the design composition on, one at a time.

First there ...   read full article →

Glazing Bittersweet

Sat, Jul 28th, 2012 The Bittersweet Mural is at the halfway point. All 3 pieces are bisque fired and 2 have been glazed. Mary had some color suggestions and then deferred to my choices.

For the first one, I created a soft lime background with green leaves & strong red & orange berries.

In the second mural, I went for a more 'earthy' ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: Bittersweet in NY

Mon, Jul 23rd, 2012 Mary is part of my 'New York Private Showings' tour and she and Rob commissioned me to create a mural of bittersweet, a vine they love that grows around their home.

This is my first bittersweet project, so I did 3 as bittersweet has so many manifestations. I've uploaded all 3 designs just after I made them.

First I have ...   read full article →

PA: Design #1 glazed

Wed, Jul 18th, 2012 Cathy & Keith's first design choice is on the glazing table. They have a red leather couch in the living room and wanted red accents in the nature designs.

They also added a turquoise chest in the living room and wanted turquoise added to the skyline. I also added it to the moonset carved circle, to give it a ...   read full article →

PA: Design #2 (or 3)

Wed, Jun 27th, 2012 The first Design for Cathy & Keith is complete and here is the second.

With this design, they wanted a similar nature-scape, but with different texture on the horizon line and no texture on the top of the mural.

First you'll see the second design I offered up that they selected. I sketch out the idea, then I begin to create ...   read full article →

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