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Creating Custom Tile Art - a peek into process

I have been creating custom work for more than 15 years.  This blog takes you inside that process.

How does custom work begin, and what is the creative process between artist & client.

Tasman Sea Dreams

Fri, May 19th, 2017 Picture this: you’re traveling through a foreign land, traversing its rolling hills and small towns and you come upon a small bay where you stop for lunch. This is an adventure of a lifetime, you are halfway across the globe from where you were born.

Everything is alive, different & new. Your experiences, the language, and the culture ...   read full article →

An Artful Address

Mon, Apr 17th, 2017 How art is collected always intrigues me. I meet people from all over the country and everyone goes about acquiring and collecting differently. Some people meet me fully intending to add art to their homes, while others fall in love with a piece or an idea and find themselves owning a new art piece without planning ...   read full article →

Transforming an Outdoor Living Area

Thu, Mar 2nd, 2017 I travel across the country to art shows and though I am a full-time ceramic artist, I often refer to myself as an Art Farmer. I say this because I plant 'art seeds' everywhere I go. Like a farmer, I never know which seeds will take or how quickly they will germinate. Some sprout right ...   read full article →

Purchasing Art versus Commissioning Art

Sun, Oct 9th, 2016 SO, YOU LOVE THE IDEA OF WALL ART, BUT YOU JUST DON'T SEE THE RIGHT PIECE. Do you wait for me to create it - or do you ask me to create a piece 'just for you'. And WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

If you've met me at an art show or perused my online gallery ...   read full article →

A Grand Influence: Vessels, Vessels, Vessels

Mon, Sep 26th, 2016 After returning from a trip to the Grand Canyon, where I spent 6 days white water rafting and then hiking to the south rim, I was inspired by so much of the texture in that ancient cavern. The stones and the score marks, the scrapes, gouges and chattering of rocks that occurred millennia ago are recorded permanently on the ...   read full article →

Ginny - Part of Brenda's Village

Wed, Jul 6th, 2016 I am celebrating my 21st year as a full-time ceramic artist. When I first decided to make a go of it - I honestly never thought I'd get this far. It's not that I didn't think I would 'make it' - I just couldn't imagine how it would look.

As we all know, success does not happen in a ...   read full article →

Everglades 'Grassy Serenity'

Fri, Jun 17th, 2016 I meet scores of people at art shows across the count; from Florida to Texas -- Colorado to New York and everywhere in between.

Once you've seen my work and know the 'feel' of the dimensional wall art - you'll know if it's right for your home. Though I can often come for a home visit, the beauty of the ...   read full article →

On the Shores of the Gulf of Mexico

Sat, Jun 11th, 2016 With each new client I am brought on a journey into their world and aesthetic. I am invited to create an art piece that beautifully matches their home and their style while it expresses something they are drawn to but cannot find anywhere else.

I met Kathie & Andy at Sarasota's St. Armands Art Festival this past January. They ...   read full article →

Creating Custom Wall Art: 7 Steps Over 12 Weeks.

Mon, Jun 6th, 2016 Now that the 5 Questions You Have About Custom Work are answered, here are more details on How the Actual Creation Process Works.

Once you sign on the dotted line and put your deposit down - the real work and fun begins. Each Custom order goes through 7 steps, which take anywhere from 6 to ...   read full article →

From the Dog Park to the Clay Studio

Mon, Apr 18th, 2016 This is the quintessential story of never really knowing where a conversation will lead! I acquired the most delightful puppy two years ago. Ty, my beloved rescue dog selected me to be his owner while I was in San Antonio, TX doing an art show. Though I love dogs, I was in no way looking for one...but ...   read full article →

Tumbled Stone & Glass Waterfall Accent

Thu, Feb 18th, 2016 Mary Ann & Robert saw me at the St. Armand's Art Festival in Sarasota this past Fall. They saw my smaller tumbled stone ceramic wall art pieces and wanted one bigger. We chatted about ideas then made an appointment for a home visit.

From there we discussed what they like about the work, I took images of their home ...   read full article →

5 Things you wonder about Custom Wall Art Pieces.

Sun, Jan 24th, 2016 Here are some answers to common questions.


Commissions always begin with a Conversation before we ever have a Commitment. Clients frequently have a location in mind and a 'feeling' of what they want, but they are often less clear on design & composition. 'I'll know it when I see it', is what ...   read full article →

Custom Kitchen Backsplash: Elk on the Range

Fri, Jan 1st, 2016 My newest handmade ceramic backsplash tile is underway for a client in Edward, Colorado. I met Nat at an art show in Vail in 2013. He mentioned his kitchen renovation project was in the planning stages and he was interested in a custom handmade kitchen backsplash. I stayed in touch and 3 years later I'm creating the ...   read full article →

3 Reasons to Love Private Home Showings

Tue, Nov 3rd, 2015 There's no better way to know if sculptural tile art is right for you than to see it in your home BEFORE you purchase it.

That's why I always offer free home showings to clients, whether at an art show or while I'm working in my ceramic studio here in St. Petersburg, FL.

1. It's simple and convenient. If you ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: Pensacola Inspirations

Sun, Jun 14th, 2015 This is an exciting project where I am creating a custom ceramic wall tile for a client in Pensacola, Florida. The wall I'm working with calls for a large vertical wall tile piece. Just overlooking the lake, Susan & Ian have many ideas they want incorporated into the custom design.

I met Susan and Ian at the ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: A Sarasota Livingroom

Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 Lynne & Rich met me at an art show in downtown Sarasota in 2014 and though they liked my work, they were not ready to talk about artwork for their new home.

One year later we reconnected and the conversation about creating a custom piece for their Sarasota living room began! I visited their home to see the wall, their ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE ART: River patterns in Reverse

Sat, Feb 28th, 2015 I met Reiko & Phil in 2011 at an art show in Dunedin, FL. They loved my work, but their home was still being renovated. I saw them each year for a few years and then I received an email - we are renovating our bathroom and we want a piece from you!

So I visited them at their ...   read full article →

Smoke and Fire

Thu, Feb 26th, 2015 I have known Susan and Al for quite a few years now. I'm happy to include them among my top collectors as they have purchased many wall murals from me over the years.

In January I ran into them at an art show in Sarasota and they expressed an interest in a black and white mural for their new Condo ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: Vertical in Texas

Mon, Jan 12th, 2015 I met Jill & John in Denver, Colorado but they live in Texas. We began our discussion about creating custom tile wall art for their Guest Room in Colorado, but once they got home to Texas, the real details began.

This tile art piece will be 30" w x 56" h as seen taped out on the wall below. ...   read full article →

CUSTOM TILE: John Muir Inspirations

Thu, Oct 16th, 2014 I'm working long days in the studio creating a 30" x 72" custom tile wall art piece for Rob in Texas. I began the first day laying out 40 clay tiles on my table and sketched out the image we agreed on.

The sketch occurs using a chopstick the first day, then altering and stretching the clay ...   read full article →

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