Paper Pod Saggar Firing in Italy

Sep 20th - Sep 27th, 2015

La Meridiana International School of Ceramics

Join Brenda McMahon for her hands on Clay & Paper Pod Saggar Firing workshop hosted by La Meridiana International School of Ceramics.

This 7-day hand-building & throwing workshop is open to students at all levels. Brenda will provide building technique and project ideas as well as wheel techniques. Students are also welcome to bring their own ideas and create them with the beautiful Italian vista as their backdrop. All works will be saggar fired using Brenda's signature Paper Pod Saggar Technique.

The Clay workshop will have an added feature - INTRODUCTORY YOGA for all students interested in bringing mindfulness into their creative process. The only requirements are a love of clay, an interest in yoga and a desire to see Tuscany!

La Meridiana, located in Certaldo, Italy, offers an exciting opportunity to get you hands in clay - make your artwork in Italy and use the materials of the land to fire the kilns!

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