Grief and Compassion
by Jila Davoodi

NEW First Friday Art Walk: Metamorphosis: Art for Hope & Healing

Oct 2nd - Oct 2nd, 2020

Show Hours: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

2901 Beach Blvd S. #104, Gulfport, Fl   33707

We are proud to announce the debut of the re-designed FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK. On October 2, 2020. Brenda McMahon Gallery is honored to sponsor and present the work of our featured artist, Jila Davoodi, with her masterpiece, Compassion & Grief. We will also feature live music by jazz trumpeter Lindy Romez. The art walk begins at 5pm.

There will be over 26 artists on the streets of Gulfport to celebrate this new juried event. We will have all safety protocols in place with mandatory masks and washing stations throughout Beach Boulevard.

Art Walk debut is a themed event where artists' work or words reflect a common experience. The theme is Metamorphosis: Art for Hope & Healing. Painters, sculptors, mixed media, glass and fiber artists will be presenting work. Whether it has been the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter, the loss of job or family or the gaining of quiet and contemplative space - we have each shared this remarkable year.

On this night, artists highlight the experiences of these months, in their own voices. Come see what our local visionaries have to say about Metamorphosis in this time.

Art is an act of communication. The artists' tools are her words, the marks on the canvass, clay or metal, his thoughts. Art is designed to open dialogue, explore ideas and express feelings, thoughts and observations. Gulfport's new First Friday Art Walk is coming back to its roots by beginning a dialogue between artist and viewer. It is a conversation designed to stimulate, inspire, reflect and consider the ideas of our time in a new way.

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