Create an Artful Address for Your Home

Wed, May 13th, 2020 ...  

You don't have to be an artist to put an art mark on your home. Join ceramicist Brenda McMahon in a collaborative Artful Address project. Here's how it works:

You select an image, choose your size and colors and then collaborate with Brenda to create your address. Then, you get to watch the address come to life with photos of the process, from start to finish!

Some clients want simple numbers and colors to match their garden design. Others want a rendition of the sun and ocean that surrounds their home. Still others want Brenda to take the lead after they offer ideas.

All Artful Addresses are handmade from clay and custom-designed for your home. Each address is sealed, weatherproofed, and includes two hanging brackets and a rain guard, if needed. Security locks are also available.

You can have a fanciful mermaid or a classic heron. The clay can be carved behind the numbers, or removed leaving a linen texture with the numbers popping up from the surface. Put a hidden message in your Artful Address or add glass and stone.

It's fun to put your art mark on your home - through Brenda's hands.

Artful Address can be sized for any address and hang horizontally and vertically. Prices start at $60 per tile.

Begin a conversation about your Artful Address by Emailing Brenda now.


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