Brenda McMahon


Brenda forms soft earth into subtle polished vessels and creates sculptural wall art tiles in the quiet of her Gulfport, FL studio. The mystical and magical surface on Brenda's vessels is achieved all without the use of glazes. These polished pots are nestled in organic materials and 'smoked' in a kiln. The pristine white surface transforms as the natural flashings mark the surface.

Brenda's undulating three-dimensional wall sculptures are created from raw clay, capturing texture & movement while incorporating natural materials such as glass and polished stone. Brenda enjoys working closely with business & residential clients creating custom, one of a kind wall art, backsplashes, and outdoor pieces. She always say 'if you like what you see, but you don't see what you want, then let me make a custom piece for you!" Brenda shares her life in Gulfport with her Rhodesian Ridgeback/boxer mix and good friends.

Work by Brenda McMahon

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