Wildly Successful

Tue, Mar 2nd, 2010 Large & Loose, Polished & Poetic on the road...was a hit.

What a group...itself large...and full of magic and poetry! We thank you so much. And from all accounts, it seems you were pleased.

Saturday began with a quick look at our gallery exhibit and then we went right onto saggar philosophy, ideas, materials and load, load, load. We had great combinations of organics and pots, saggar sizes and enthusiasm.

From there we loaded the kilns - 3 of them, with about 23 saggars in all. The kilns fired through the day.

In the Afternoon There was platter throwing demo.

Day 2 brought another round of large & loose throwing, this time vessels and the stacking method. pots were heated, then stretched and the work grew in size and volume.

AFTER LUNCH... we unloaded dozens of saggars.Lids were lifted and the pots began to appear with varied results. The participants were delighted and I was too.

All in all, we had an incredibly diverse group of saggars fired and pot results, learned a lot about heat, stacking, loading, soaking etc.

We send a warm and grateful thank you to a great group of Florida potters
and to St. Pete Clay Studio for hosting us in 2010!

Here's some feedback from participants...

As an educator, I needed to be around people who are truely "inspired", real artists with a creative approach that's mature and exciting to learn from. The presentations were excellent and the possibiltites endless. -Ron

Your easy manner and the many ways you showed your love of the work you do and your joy in sharing your knowledge with the group made for a truly great weekend. - Betty

I was in the studio today throwing "big", not like Tom but big for me. I had many admiring glances! - Sylvia

The weekend was more than I expected. Again, thank you both for a fast paced and enjoyable weekend. - Mona

Thanks for the wonderful workshop, you guys were very inspirational and informative, it was wonderful to learn a new process and meet new people. - Linda

This was the most informative and fun workshop I've ever attended. Usually presenters seem to keep back a lot of their secrets -thank you for sharing all your toys with us - really appreciate it. - Diane


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