tight shot of mural

Nevinger Glaze #2

Mon, May 30th, 2011 Hi Guys....

I unloaded the kiln today and built the frames for both your pieces. I will paint the frames and mount the tiles in the next 2 days.
Here is the second firing. As you requested, I backed off on the auburn tones (described as red) and though I added that color I put it under the glaze, rather than over it, which created much more warm beige/desert yellow and some green tones.

The plant focal point is also strong, but very different in color tone. I put some red in as a dominant effect to pull the red highlights from throughout your living room - along with some green and black as a grounding and dramatic feel.

I highlighted the hills with red in the lines, giving them strong definition. This piece has a very different feel than the other one. The colors are more muted, but they blend beautifully. A surprise for me, though I put some blue in the flowers, it was very little. Once I put a clear coat over the sudan yellow and stoked the kiln, I got a nice hue of almost a smokey blue over the center, with some red overtones. And though there is a fair amount of my Sudan Yellow throughout the piece (and I put a lot on when I glazed - more than the other piece) there is also a bit of green, which pulls it into the warmer, earthy tones.

So there you have it. Take a look at both and let me know which one you want to live in your Venice home. Once I frame the pieces, I will take a photo of the final framed Wall Mural...that will be a few days as I'll get them ready tomorrow, attach the tiles on wednesday and probably photograph them thursday or friday. I have had an intimate experience working on these murals, but a name has not yet surfaced for me - if you have any name suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

As always, call or email if you have any questions. This has been a really fun commission - thanks for working with me!!



a grey-blue flower

Commission #2

detail top left corner....

close up of left side mural

Detail of the centerpiece

Full shot

close up of right side mural

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