full shot of fired mural - to be framed with black background

Nevigner Glaze #1

Thu, May 26th, 2011 Your first Nature Scape mural is out of the glaze kiln and ready to get framed. I have laid it out on the concrete and spaced it accordingly so you can get a sense of the size, color and scale.

I think the firing came out beautifully! Filled with warm yellows, browns and golden and yet a burst of color in the floral section. I fashioned that after your major arrangement on the shelves above the television, making sure to get splashes of red in there.

You'll notice the contrast of yellows, goldens and auburns. Since the piece is made up of 42 tiles, they are layered in the kiln at different levels, some at the bottom, close to the burner, others in the middle and others at the top. The closer to the burner, the hotter the kiln and similarly those on top are cooler. This heat affects the depth of color with the tiles, which is why there is such variation. I usually mix the tiles up so the variation if scattered throughout the mural. I like the colors change as your eye runs across the tile, feels like the subtlety of color our eye picks up in real life, say as the sun sets and the color hues change from moment to moment. Once framed, this mural will measure about 53 1/2" x 45 1/2".

I am ready to glaze your second piece. We discussed adding some red/rose to the tops of the hills so they are yellow/beige with a highlight of red - again, almost like the late day sun reflecting on the tops of the hills. I can go in this direction, thus bringing a bit more red into the next mural - or I can go in another direction. Take a look at the full shot and detail and let's talk in person. For your info, I'm also including photos of the mural glazed, but not fired, in the kiln, but not unloaded - and of course, layed out on the floor and ready for framing. I will begin framing on Monday. (FYI- I leave florida the following week, so I have to finalize things next week).

Looking forward to any and all input!


tiles in kiln to be unloaded

closeup of tile glaze fired, still in kiln

detail of the right side of the mural - fashioned after your floral arrangement.

Floral arrangement complimentary to wall mural - pulling out the reds

Wall where new mural will hang

auburn/oranges pulled into mural

colors layered on mural, waiting for final clear matte glaze

clear matte glaze sprayed over entire mural. Ready for second kiln firing.

Final Mural, ready to get framed. 53" x 45"

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