#2 Finished & Framed!

Framed Artwork

Thu, Jun 2nd, 2011 Both commission options are framed and ready to be hung.
Attached, please see photos of each piece. I have taken shots at several times of day and at several angles so you can see the texture and volume in each piece.

I'm also happy to say the colors in #2 came across beautifully when I photographed it early this morning. Nice soft morning light highlights all the subtle markings.

And one last thought - I think both pieces have a sense of serenity and peace. The first one has that feeling with bold colors, more like a field at sunset with the dynamic shadows of light highlighting the low and high spots.

#2 is peaceful, but more like an image mid day or early morning, where the depth of color and texture come at you slowly, but the more you look, the more you see. Both embody the feeling you were looking for, just at different moments in time.

Enjoy and feel free to email or call with questions/comments.



Photographed in mid-day sun

side view left to right

notice all the volume in this piece

Also shot mid-afternoon sun.

Mural #1 fully framed

Mural #1 Fully framed

closeup of #1 left side

close up of #1 right side

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