Art meets Function

Mon, Apr 17th, 2017 How art is collected always intrigues me. I meet people from all over the country and everyone goes about acquiring and collecting differently. Some people meet me fully intending to add art to their homes, while others fall in love with a piece or an idea and find themselves owning a new art piece without planning it.

For Daniel and Mike, their road to collecting my work was organic. First it grew out of an appreciation for what I do but it was quickly followed by a need for house numbers for their beautiful Florida cottage. They invited me over to discuss creating an address tile for them, but this quickly morphed into an art piece that serves a function.

As I sat in their living room and shared recent works the three of us began collaborating on an idea for an artistic address sign for the front of their artful Gulfport home.

I have to stop here and share that before I met Mike and Daniel, I used to walk by their home and admire its beauty. It was so thoughtful, artistic and attractive. I was thrilled when I drove up to meet them and I exclaimed, 'you live in one of my favorite houses in Gulfport!'. As you can imagine, it's been an honor to create a piece for them.

The artful address is created with the idea of a waterfall or path of stones leading the eye right to their front door. Adjacent to the stones is the house number carved in clay with texture and flow. There is a hidden symbol in there just for Daniel and lots of nice details. The piece is complete and in queue to be glazed.


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