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Vessels and Vases

Oval Smoke Swirl w/Carved Shoulder

"Oval Smoke Swirl w/Carved Shoulder"

Size: 10" x 12"
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Price: $ 460     AVAILABLE!

Oval Smoke Swirl w/Carved Shoulder

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Wall Murals and Tile

Amber Haze Ceramic Tile Wall Art

"Amber Haze Ceramic Tile Wall Art"

Tile Type: Nature Inspirations
Size: 42" x 30"
Price: $ 1800     AVAILABLE!
This tile inspiration came from hiking in all the beautiful mountians, rivers and valleys over my days. It came together with such freedom and joy. Amber Haze is 30" x 42". I look forward to seeing who's home it belongs in!

Amber Haze Ceramic Tile Wall Art

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Home Installations

John Muir in Texas

"John Muir in Texas"

This was a really fun commission. Rob met me at the Woodlands Art Festival in Texas and loved the texture and undulation in my work. He commissioned me to create a piece for above his bed...and he named it.
John Muir is known as the father of the National Parks, an avid environmentalist and lover of the outdoors - so this wall art mural is dedicated to his love, one which is shared by Rob.
Thank you Rob, for making this such a delightful experience!

John Muir in Texas

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Saggar Firing & Wall Art Tile

Brenda McMahon is a nationally renowned ceramic artist who creates fine, burnished saggar fired vessels by hand on the potter's wheel and hand sculpts and carves her ceramic wall art tiles.

These unique saggar fired porcelain vases & wall art tiles are created from the heart and designed to bring beauty and joy to your home. Brenda's award-winning work is exhibited in galleries nationwide and part of private collections across the country.

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